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Gender-Affirmative Therapy

For transgender, gender nonbinary, gender non-conforming and lgbtq+ Folx

The information on this page is designed to provide more information on aspects of Gender-Affirmative Therapy that I provide. For anyone looking to understand more about themselves, a loved one, a student, an employee, someone in your care or gender as a whole, this information is just to provide a starting point. I hope to further the conversation on your individual needs during your free 15-minute initial consultation.

What is Gender-Affirmative Therapy?

The foundation of Gender-Affirmative Therapy is emotional safety.

We use the time together to explore identity, allowing the client to verbalize anything that comes to mind. Gender-Affirmative Therapy affirms that every gender identity is valid, normal and natural. There is no one preferred way to be or pressure to identify other than you do. In Gender-Affirmative Therapy, we honor people that identify within a binary (male/female) and those who identify somewhere else (i.e. queer, nonbinary, both genders). We acknowledge all cultural identities, classes and social upbringings shape all people as unique. We understand in Gender-Affirmative Therapy that identities can shift and evolve over time. Humans are ever-evolving and as we step into ways of being and try things on, we can understand more about ourselves and move towards our highest selves. This evolution may surprise us, or, it may be something on a visceral level we have known all along. Gender-Affirmative Therapy is not a place where anyone has a one ideal of gender or sexuality, it is not a place where people are pressured to identify or be any way other than they are. In Gender-Affirmative Therapy, we honor you for who you are right now and honor safe exploration.

Individuals Seeking Gender-Affirmative Therapy

Are you questioning your gender or feel like you want to explore more with a trusted and experienced therapist?

Perhaps you have come out, but are finding dealing with other people’s reactions a challenge. Maybe you have transitioned and have some unexpected thoughts and feelings, and you want to talk with a non-judgmental psychologist who is gender-affirmative. You might be struggling to find your voice when people misgender you. You may identify as gender nonbinary or queer and are seeking a therapist who understands your unique needs. Perhaps you are looking for a California Licensed Psychologist or California Licensed Clinical Social Worker to write a letter supporting you in obtaining transition-related procedures or hormones. Times might be so dark for you that you have thoughts about ending your own life.

There is always hope.

Transition is different for every person—there is no linear path—no one, singular way. Being that it is an individualized process, it is important to have a therapeutic partner who understands this and has experience in this area.

Whether you are finding challenges with other people, your thoughts, or the ability to live your best authentic life, I can help you sort through it all. Together we will explore any issue with supreme self-care and utmost compassion. Whether you feel stuck, want to learn more about yourself, or don’t want to have to educate a therapist on gender issues, finding the right fit with a therapist is key to your growth. It is my hope you understand your courageous self more, and grow in ways you may not think are possible today.

My framework is that every person’s gender identity and journey is powerfully individualized, unique, valid and beautiful. My vision for working with gender-diverse people is not to be a gatekeeper, but rather a supportive and resourceful therapist with expertise to help you explore your deeper self and live your best life.

I look forward to meeting you!

Parents With a Gender-Diverse Child or Children

Is your child questioning their gender or recently come out to  you? Would you like to explore more with a trusted and experienced therapist?

We’re living in an information age that has expanded the understanding of the gender spectrum. Along with that broader understanding comes questions and conversations that you as a parent may not be prepared for.

You may be a parent whose child just came out to you and while you want to be supportive, you have more questions than answers. You may be scared, upset, ashamed, embarrassed, angry, or feel lost. What we want, is for you to feel safe and supported as you balance the role of being a parent as you journey down the path of acceptance. We will develop a framework of understanding that is individualized for you and your family and provide insight to what your child may be going through.


Is your partner questioning their gender or recently come out to you as transgender or is questioning their gender?

Partners, friends, extended family, coworkers, colleagues and community members of gender-diverse people have a valuable role in providing support. Some partners have told me that they support their partner, but have things to process and do not want to burden their transgender partner with their processing and questions. Extended family members may want to work with me to address family dynamics in play when a transgender or gender nonbinary person comes out to their family. You might find yourself feeling isolated, not knowing where to turn to talk about these topics. 

With over 15 years of experience in mental health, I have worked with transgender and gender-diverse people. Together we can address your desire to learn more about gender in a safe, confidential and supportive space and it is a wonderful way to support your loved one. What you can expect in my office is a welcoming, supportive and safe space to ask questions and discuss anything on your mind. I look forward to meeting you and beginning the conversation.


Supporting transgender, gender nonbinary, gender diverse, gender-nonconforming and questioning people is an experience that is humbling and an honor.

If you are lucky enough to be able to work with people who are in the gender diverse galaxy, you might have some questions. Many professionals have approached me asking for resources in working with transgender and gender-diverse people. Although resources are helpful, exploring your own thoughts, experiences and reactions such as countertransference can be some of the most helpful work to elevate your helping practice to a gender-affirmative space. 

Having worked in the field for some time, and created and facilitated trainings on gender issues, I have found that not one person is without their own reactions and questions about gender and its role in our world. Offering a space in my office to talk about your thoughts and reactions, and addressing countertransference can be an excellent way to remain a culturally competent professional. Please consider contacting me today to set up an appointment to talk about your specific concerns. I look forward to meeting with you to collaborate on how to best meet your needs.
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